Sureste Property Group

Real Estate Fund Vehicle

Sureste Properties LLC operates as a non-traded “REIT” and is focused on serving the housing needs of middle-income earners, which has traditionally been an underserved class in this market. Sureste acquires and develops both new build to rent (BTR) as well as renovating distressed or opportunistic, dated multifamily properties, value add (VA). Sureste Properties LLC publishes its net asset value (NAV) each quarter by CPA and third-party sources

Sureste Properties LLC is considered a permanent capital vehicle that includes all sponsor equity as well as the investment returns.  Sureste Properties LLC invests its own capital, attracts additional capital, significantly increasing the NAV through sourcing.  The strong growth in NAV is driven by acquiring off market, distressed, opportunistic, VA and BTR properties, while managing the operation and renovation work that drives net operating income with a refinance or sale of the property within the first 24 months.