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Under Sureste Property Group we are a virtually integrated real estate company with full capability to source, acquire, renovate, and operate multifamily properties for working families and residents. Sureste Property Group’s geographic investment focus is in the Southeast United States, the leading region for employment and population growth across all socio-economic groups.
"Sureste will develop, acquire, and manage multifamily properties for our residents with the entire Sureste team committed to excellence in everything we do."

Sureste Property Services (SPS) operates all its real estate properties as the property manager with full responsibility for managing the renovation as the construction manager as well. To date we operate more than 5,000 units and have renovated more than $60 million in our properties to improve the operations and interior/ exterior. This has allowed Sureste to raise rents and attract top residents, increase NOI by an average of 260% over the pre stabilization period of 24 months, and deliver substantial returns to our partners.

Sureste Development (SD) is actively engaged in developing attainable homes for America workforce. We are not a tax credit developer but with a combination of low cost, speed and standardized product, Sureste can deliver a superior home for people and families at a reasonable rental price. Our focus is on developing in areas that have strong demand, a shortage of housing, great schools, and median family income above $60,000. Our homes come with a garage, 9-foot ceiling, granite counter tops and top of the line appliances and home electronics.

Sureste Construction (SC) is a General Contractor and serves as the manager for the outsourced contract with the third-party GC, which will complete the large-scale building of its projects. For ongoing services, Sureste has its own teams of plumbers, roofing, painting, and related ongoing work needed on the properties in the portfolio.