Sureste Property Group


Sureste Capital Group is focused on alternative asset management for real estate and private secured credit

Sureste Capital Group is focused on alternative asset management for real estate and private secured credit. Sureste has launched Sureste Capital Management which will be based in Miami with offices opening in September 2022. Sureste Capital Management will now include multifamily mezzanine lending and a new distressed fund for purchasing multifamily properties and lender notes.

Sureste Capital Group will continue to own and grow Sureste Property Group, a leading Atlanta-based real estate company that is fully integrated with development, acquisitions, construction, and property management. As the founder and CEO of Sureste, Michael has led the growth of the company to more than $500 million in assets and $300 million in new multifamily and Build-to-Rent (BTR) development. In the last 4 years, Sureste acquired 22 multifamily” value add “properties in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida with over 4,000 units. Sureste Development also has 10 new Build-to-Rent (BTR) projects in the pipeline for the development of new multi-family communities in targeted markets.

Sureste is focused on providing housing for the missing middle of attainable housing to help address the significant shortage in the country and particularly in the fast-growing areas of the Southeast.

“A key element of our success is the asset management of our internal and external capital, with financial results driven by the active management of our business through our Sureste Property Group and its operations in management, development, and construction,” says Founder & CEO, Michael Crow.


This success has led to the expansion of the company with the opening of Sureste Capital Management Group in Miami, Florida, and the addition of Forrest D. Bailey, as President & Chief Operating Officer of Sureste Property Group. Michael Crow will continue to serve as the CEO and Founder overseeing all Sureste operations and will now focus as the CIO for all funds, with asset management now based in the new Miami office.

Forrest has full responsibility for all real estate companies as well as asset management for Sureste Properties LLC which owns the portfolio of value add, stabilized and new BTR development for Sureste. Current assets exceed $500 million and Sureste’s goal is to grow the assets to $2 billion, operating as a fund driven by high net asset value returns. Forrest was previously the CEO of Draper and Kramer, a $2 billion vertically integrated residential real estate company. Focusing on organic growth, and select acquisitions, dispositions, and consolidation of business operations, he reinvented and re-energized the Family Business Enterprise (FBE), including repositioning businesses across several industries plus direct investments in real estate to withstand temporal and financial changes which lead to 5x growth in Net Asset Value (NAV) of the FBE, doubling and redoubling each decade.